Jan 2024

															Panel 1: Irene and Matty sit outside at night and chat.
															Irene: So, I went to the movies with Josie and Vi the other day.
															Matty: Oh, yeah. How was it?
															Panel 2: Irene leans on her hand.
															Irene: They're my friends and I like hanging out with them but...
															Panel 3: Irene is sitting in the cinema with her arms folded while Josie and Vi sit next to her, Josie holding Vi's arm.
															Irene: I always feel like such a massive third wheel!
															Panel 4: Irene holds up her drink can.
															Irene: And it's not just them! 
															Panel 5: Irene is walking next to Josie and Vi, who have hearts abobe their heads.
															Irene: Josie and Vi
															Panel 6: Irene watches on as Daphne and Runn, hearts above their heads, eat together.
															Irene: Daphne and Runn
															Panel 7: Irene glares at Isabel and Ollie as they hug while playing video games, hearts also above their heads.
															Irene: Isabel and Ollie
															Panel 8: Irene holds her head in despair.
															Irene: Why are all my friends dating each other!?
															Panel 9: Irene and Matty think about this.
															Matty: I wonder if this is more of an issue in gay friend groups than straight ones.
															Irene: I don't care about WHY! I want a solution! Panel 1: Matty holds up their drink bottle.
																  Matty: Get a girlfriend?
																  Panel 2: Irene starts to say something.
																  Irene: I'm
																  Panel 3: Matty is startled by Irene suddenly shouting.
																  Irene: TRYING!
																  Panel 4: Irene holds up her phone.
																  Irene: You have no idea what it's like on these dating apps.
																  Panel 5: Irene scrolls through her phone.
																  Irene: I told you about the girl who tried to get me to read her Overwatch fanfic?
																  Matty: Uh huh.
																  Panel 6: Matty smiles at Irene
																  Matty: You need to get off the apps and meet some women in person.
																  Panel 7: Matty looks at their phone.
																  Matty: There have to me some- Oh.
																  Irene: What?
																  Panel 8: Matty shows their phone to Irene.
																  Matty: Lesbian and bi speed dating. It's this weekend.
																  Panel 9: Irene looking up and pleads with Matty.
																  Irene: Do you want to go together?
																  Panel 10: Matty looks concerned.
																  Matty: You're not going to go if I don't, are you?
																  Panel 11: Irene shakes her head and pouts.
																  Panel 12: Matty sighs. 
																  Title: That weekend...
																  Panel 1: Inside the bar, people sit at tables and chatter.
																  Panel 2: Irene, now dressed up for a night out, introduces herself.
																  Irene: My name is Irene, I'm 26, and I'm a research assistant at the Royal Hospital.
																  Panel 3: Irene's speed dating partner is surprised.
																  Irene's partner: You work at the hospital? Are you like, a doctor or something?
																  Panel 4: The two continue to talk.
																  Irene: Like I said, I'm-
																  Irene's partner: I could never be a doctor. That's so scary.
																  Panel 5: Irene is visibly annoyed that her partner isn't listening to her.
																  Panel 6: Matty introduces themself.
																  Matty: My name is Matilda, but everyone calls me Matty,and I'm 25.
																  Panel 7: Matty and their speed dating partner talk.
																  Matty's partner: What are your pronouns?
																  Matty: They/them... mostly.
																  Panel 8: Matty's partner holds up a pencil.
																  Matty's partner: I just think it's SO important to ask EVERYONE.
																  Panel 9: Matty's partner has only written down pronouns for Matty. 
																  Panel 10: Matty is confused.
																  Matty: Is it?
																  Panel 11: Matty slides into Irene's table.
																  Matty: Well? Anyone catch your eye?
																  Panel 12: Irene looks unsure.
																  Irene: I don't know... Maybe.
																  Panel 13: An unknown woman approaches the two.
																  Woman: What's going on over here?
																  Panel 1: The woman slides in next to Irene, who looks annoyed.
																  Woman: Have you two found love already?
																  Irene: ...What?
																  Panel 2: Matty interrupts.
																  Matty: We're just friends.
																  Woman: REALLY!?
																  Panel 3: The woman elbows Irene, who is getting more and more fed up with her.
																  Woman: You have such a couple's vibe! You're really not together?
																  Irene: Truly.
																  Panel 4: The woman smiles.
																  Woman: Why not?
																  Panel 5: Irene is about to snap, but Matty interrupts.
																  Irene: Why don't you mind your-
																  Matty: Hey.
																  Panel 6: Matty holds up their phone and talks to Irene.
																  Matty: We have to leave now, or we'll be late for our dinner reservation.
																  Panel 7: The woman makes room so Irene can leave the table.
																  Irene: ...Sorry. Gotta go.
																  Woman: See ya. 
																  Panel 8: It's dark outside.
																  Panel 9: Irene and Matty walk down the street. 
																  Irene: What was her problem? A 'couple's vibe?'
																  Panel 10: Irene shouts as Matty looks concerned.
																  Irene: It's called being FRIENDS. Does she not know what FRIENDS are!?
																  Panel 11: Irene turns to Matty.
																  Irene: Did you actually make a reservation somewhere?
																  Matty: No, it was just an excuse to get out of there.
																  Panel 12: Irene and Matty walk away into the city.
																  Irene: Let's find somewhere to eat, then.
																  Title: The End
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